How to Look Like One of the Gym Rats 👌

So, you finally decided to go to the gym today not at the beginning of the week? 😛

Good decision, but do you know what to wear to ensure your comfort and the right support?
When I first started my working out experience, I got excited and bought many useless pieces that I don’t use anymore. But that’s why I’m here for you, to help you avoid my mistakes.

1. Sports Bra

Yes, it’s obvious that you should wear a bra to the gym, but not your ordinary padded bra. A normal bra won’t sit well against an intense workout. Sports bras are made to reduce movement as continuous and repetitive movement can result in sagging and pain.

Also, sports bras have become trendy, starting from Nike and Adidas have come out with different modern designs, shapes and colours.

Pro-Tip: If you hate cardio as much as I do, focus on weightlifting as it helps you appear leaner.

2. Active Shorts

During my losing weight journey, I’ve seen people wear… Whatever!

I look around and I see them in outfits that would be equally appropriate for napping on the couch!

Active shorts not will only help you move freely, they will also help you run faster and longer without feeling quite as tired when you wear everyday clothes. 🏃
Pro-Tip: Lift like you mean it

3. Workout Jackets

You will probably wonder why people wear jackets or hoodies when they leave the gym. After spending time at the gym sweating, you can get cold especially in winter.

And, let’s be honest, taking off your oversized cover feels good because you get the chance to show off your toned muscles, I know I do!

Pro-Tip: If you are planning an hour-long walk or gym workout, fill a water bottle with about 16 ounces (2 cups) and take it with you. 💦

4. Active Bags 👜

After you got all of the gym essentials, you need a spacious bag to put all of your stuff in one place. Active bags are your go-to choice as they are sturdy, spacious, stylish and opened from the side, allowing packing convenience.

Have I convinced you to buy a duffle bag? If yes, check out our range of active bags today!

And check out our Active Wear list to start your gym rat journey.