Fall in Love with Scents

What so you think about when you think about home? Comfort, chill and relax, distressing after a long day? Yes! That is what a home sound like? What about the setting, what about the daily traditions that encompass your home? What makes your home unique to you?

SMELLS! Oh yes, that is a big one when it comes to home!

A stable in every home that I know I have a memory off is the distinguished feeling of having a unique smell.

Fragrance is such an important part of defining a home to me. Fragrance is more than just smell its memory, emotion, comfort, and a sense of belonging. Getting the right fragrance can transport your mind from where you are to where you want to be. Candles, diffusers, room sprays, perfumes, all make up an integral part of setting the tone of the fragrance of your house.

Ahhhh, what is that beautiful smell; is it lavender?

Maybe that is more what I enjoy, what about you? What do you enjoy?

Some aromas ignite pleasure, enjoyment, relaxation, and they tap into your mind and body. I have had transformational experiences with basic lavender, rose, cappuccino, and macrons!

Some of the top 5 scents I always chose for my home are;

  • Lavender – this is the day I know I am set in my relaxation mood!
  • Cinnamon – the perfect scent to ignite physical and emotional detox, and I mean with this scent I am always trying to stop myself from turning it into a drink.
  • Rose – for those days where joy, happiness and love just to blur together to become an experience.
  • Citrus – light, energizing, and uplifting. Essential for those days of fatigue and the need for re-energizing.
  • Peppermint – a classic for a reason! Relieve these tense muscles and leaves me always feeling refreshed.

Balancing the right fragrance according to my mood became a source of pleasure. I designed a small coffee table I have with this beautiful tray filled with decorations and all my scent essentials.

I started creating gift concepts according to what I think people would enjoy, I even have a friend who ‘believe it or not’ enjoys the coffee fragrance – not my best scent, I would rather drink my coffee thank you! But that is the thing with fragrances, to each his own!

What is your favorite fragrance?