5 Elegant Looks For Ramadan

As Ramadan season approaches, there is no doubt that soft and modern dresses and abayas are your go-to option during this holy month. Keep reading this blog to stay updated with the latest trends and to look and feel your best.

1. Kaftans

Kaftans are considered one of the most modest pieces for the holy month of Ramadan, due to their distinction with luxury, modesty, and the presence of a fashionable touch. It is one of the easiest pieces to coordinate. You can choose from many fabrics, including silk and lace, or various cuts, such as a wide cut or soft patterns, and a belt to define the waist.

2. Monochrome looks

Monochromatic outfits feature several things that can make you look more stunning. It can give you an elegant and sophisticated look in the Holy Month. Wear a black skirt and a black shirt to appear calm and elegant. You can also add accessories to have a unique look. Do not forget a black bag and shoes in the same colour.


women wearing dresses

3. Jalabiyas

Wear jalabiya, especially in the holy month, as they give a comfortable and elegant look on special occasions and is appropriate for the Ramadan atmosphere. You can wear jalabyas with short heels to add a luxurious touch to your appearance and make you look better. Here are the latest fashion jalabiyas. Homemade jalabiyas are popular during Ramadan, and their softness may make you feel comfortable during the day. Wide silk jalabiyas in light colors are another type of jalabiya that is popular during Ramadan during the evening time. You can also coordinate this jalabiya with a small bag for a look that exudes luxury.

 woman wearing a abaya

4. Abayas

Abayas are an essential piece to own during Ramadan gatherings, especially for iftar and suhoor, so here is a collection of elegant abayas for your Ramadan occasions. Abayas with dress designs are the latest and trending this year. You can elevate your style with colorful abayas, and you can coordinate with accessories such as a clutch bag and medium-length heels to give an aesthetic appeal to the look. Simple plain abayas are abayas that you can shine in when you go out during the day to run your errands, and you can wear them for multiple uses.

woman wearing a summer dress in sunset

5. Summer Dresses

Ramadan usually falls during summer, so summer dresses are a must for a lively look. Make sure to wear a dress during the afternoon before iftar and choose comfortable, straight dresses patterned with bright flowers to give you a feeling of freedom while moving. Try to coordinate dresses with shoes that suit the summer climate, such as open-toe shoes or sandals.